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Dragon levelling guide

Leveling your dragons helps you to strengthen dragons and produce more gold. By using this simple technique to manage and balance your dragon levels, you can earn the most money with every dragon and not waste your food sources.


Dragons produce gold that you can use to buy food that you can then use to equalize your dragons and do more.


Remember this cycle and you will understand why using the technique below is an effective way to manage your food sources to equalize your dragons and get more gold.

Put your dragons on the same level

Aligning all your dragons on the same level is a good way to ensure that you distribute your food well and ensure that all your dragons produce as much gold as possible.


The cost of food to equalize your dragons increases dramatically as you reach the highest levels.

This means that you produce less gold because the cost of the food almost weighs on the profit.


A good example is passing a pure dragon from level 20 to level 25. The cost of climbing the dragon from 20 to 25 is about one million food.

The cost of raising 4 pure dragons from 15 to 20 dragons is just over 1 million food.


For this level 25 dragon you get 25 gold per minute more than your total gold production, while the 4 pure dragons give you 100 more per minute. And if you follow the commodity cycle, you will understand that the more gold you produce, the more food you get.

Level your dragons from 5 levels to level 10, then 15 and 20

Set all your dragons to level 10, then 15 and finally to level 20. This model gives you a good target level for your dragons, but do not forget to set all levels of dragons in the same way.


All 5 levels should not be so expensive and if you level all your dragons in this way, the amount of gold produced must be adjusted to the amount of food you can buy.

Level 20 is what we recommend as a difficult step for dragons that you simply want to produce or preserve for your collection. After 20 years, the food costs rise too high and in exchange, so little gold is produced.


Usually, only dragons are used for combat, such as competitions and arenas, which you want to get after level 20. Legendary dragons (element) are the exception for this rule.

Legendary habitats can contain more gold and in general, a level 20 dragon is not fast enough to fill this habitat quickly.


It is therefore advisable to increase the number of legendary dragons to 25 In our habitat that produces more than 300 million gold per day, we always follow this rule and most of our dragons are only at level 20.

Only legendary dragons, dragons to be called or dragons used for combat, are higher then level 20. Also check dragoncityhack.live

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